Womens Self Defense Collection



Women – Learn the most effective self-defense for women in the world! Taught by Great Grandmaster Fred Villari, Jugodan 15th Degree Black Belt



Women’s Defense Against Sexual Assault
Defend yourself against premeditated or spontaneous attacks. Learn how to effectively handle any situation including sexual harassment, date rape, or other sexual assault. Neither strength, size, or martial arts experience required to protect yourself or a friend or family member. This practical guide will teach you the mind set you need to feel capable and confident. A must for every girl, teen, and adult woman!

Women’s Self Defense For Any Situation Any Situation
Defend yourself against spontaneous or premeditated attacks. Feel confident and capable handling these difficult sexual assault or harassment situations including on the job, at home, or in a social environment. Neither size, strength or martial arts experience needed.


Learn How to Protect Yourself Against “Street Weapons ”
Women and Men! Defend yourself against any type of attacker or assault against you with a knife, club, chain, stick, gun-ANYTHING!!!!!!

Chin-Na The Art of the White Tiger
The Little-Known Art of the White Tiger! Chin Na is the ultimate form of controlling your opponent by holding, seizing, locking, throwing, felling and delivering pain that can be controlled. No other art can have such control over an attacker. The secret of grappling is to always have control of your opponent by either wrestling, holding, breaking or locking bones or joints against nerve centers, thereby directing your opponent by delivering excruciating and incapacitating pain.

Women’s Self Defense Against Domestic Violence

Yes you can defend yourself and loved ones from Domestic Violence,physical abuse or home intruders.Created especially for women.You will be more confident,prepared and secure when you know these simple,effective moves.Neither size,strength or martial arts training needed.

Hidden Beneath The Shadows
“A Book of Fighting For the 21st Century” This is the most practical and easy-to-comprehend book ever written on self-improvement, gaining inner-peace, and balancing your life. This book reveals some of the most effective ancient Eastern methods of developing internal and external power to improve your mind and body. After practicing these methods you will find that your strength will increase and your fears will diminish. Your attitude and outlook on life will brighten, and your self-esteem will improve. What you learn in this book will be life-changing.

The River Within
This book will teach you how to control your vital energy to give your life balance and harmony. Learn how to increase your vital energy for peace and stability from Great Grandmaster Fred Villari.This book teaches you the understanding of one’s Self. Explore the mysteries of Chi(vital energy). Learn the 5 Tibetans, the eight strands of the brocade and the 51 moves of Shaolin. Chi-Kung energy exercises -meditations in motion that helps us redirect our vital energy. This book also cover proper stretching exercises, energy food and herbs, sitting meditations and proper breathing while fighting. Exercises, routines and daily work outs, how to concentrate and much more…….