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Earn your White to Black belt in the privacy of your own home with these instructional and entertaining video downloads.

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Earning your Black Belt is easy, simple, and fun. Just follow along with Great Grandmaster Villari in these instructional and entertaining videos. Learn all the moves needed for each belt while staying fit, losing weight, increasing you energy and strengthening your ligament tendons and muscles.This program will also teach you how to relax your mind and body relieving you of all stress. You will feel good,look great and be more confident about yourself and your life.


With this White to Black belt training program, you, your family and friends will learn at your their own pace in the comfort of their own homes. This is the most informative martial arts and self defense program ever created. This program of fitness, health and self defense can be very rewarding to you, family and friends. 


Any beginner with no previous training or existing martial artist with training from any style can earn their Black belt or further rank by Simply following along with the Grandmaster and when you feel you are ready just submit your video and the Grandmaster and his Judans (10th degree black belts) will review your video and you will receive your certificate of promotion. 

Women - Learn the most effective self-defense for women in the world! Taught by Great Grandmaster Fred Villari, Jugodan 15th Degree Black Belt!

Woman learn how to protect yourself in any situation with this womans self defense collection.

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Two of Grandmaster Villari’s most popular books – Hidden Beneath the Shadows and The River

 Within. These books will teach you the self-defense mindset and how to control your vital energy

 to add balance and harmony to your life.