White To Black Belt Collection


Men,women and children learn and earn your white to black belt online and in the privacy of your own home by simply following along with the Grandmaster for each belt.You can earn your black belt in a year if you follow along with this course.


Earn Your White to Black Belt At Home
Villari’s White to Black Belt Training Series. These exciting video lessons from Grandmaster Villari will guide you step-by-step on your journey from White to Black Belt, and at the same time show you how you can lose weight and keep yourself in shape. By simply following Grandmaster Villari’s expert advice, you will learn all the skills and secrets necessary to be a Black Belt. You will also develop through the use of vital, strengthening, stretching and breathing exercises that relax and balance your mind and body. Practice makes perfect, and it is easy with these instructional and entertaining videos. They are an invaluable reference, with directions that are easy to follow, and essential self-defense techniques that will really work when your life or the life of a friend or loved one is threatened. THE POWER TO DEFEND YOURSELF, FEEL GREAT, LOOK GREAT, AND BE MORE CONFIDENT IS WITHIN YOUR GRASP. You could spend over $10,000 trying to learn all these techniques and practices in a school, but for just a few dollars, you can receive all the knowledge necessary to become a Black Belt, in the privacy of your home. Practicing at your own pace, you can correspond with Great Grandmaster Villari, and receive certification from him for each belt you earn. This is a great investment, for you and your family. Grandmaster Villari’s program of martial arts, fitness, health and self-defense can be used by people of all ages, and the assets you will develop by following his program will last you the rest of your life.